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Hotel Ideal
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Only a few people know that the famous Manolo has opened some of the climbs at Torbole on the beach delle Lucertole and on the beach of Tempesta. Did you know why the area of Nago Torbole is famous for sport climbing? Here you can climb all year round, even in winter: the temperature never falls below 0° C, and also out of season there are usually sunny days with 15°C.

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At Torbole and Nago there are cliffs, where you need grip, directly above the lake or at the Belvedere, with the new Inox nailed ways with controlled node in each season, always attentive to the maximum security.

At Arco Massone there are overhanging cliffs, with borders, hollows and much more, to take any decision , issued without mercy, where climbing is beautiful and exhausting at the same time… Here the abdomen is tight and the muscles scream! Sure, a fall causes tremors, but it is not risky because the overhangs prevent the fall off the wall… But it is a big challenge to find the way back, because you cannot retreat behind the wall.

And who seeks the challenge, the Underground awaits! Almost every day the best climbers in the world compete at this difficult 9a, they know that they belong at closing to the exclusive club of at the moment only 4 or 5 climbers.

In any case, there are some ways that you cannot miss regardless of the level: Catu Zulu 6° at Nago, a ledge overlooking the lake, Cyclops 7a of 35 meters at Nago, full of notches and cutting pure handles and less than 5 minutes away from the hotel is one of the most beautiful cliffs in the area toward the south, warm in winter and pleasant in summer due to the cooling wind “Ora”.

The Hotel Ideal offers you:

  • A new and well-equipped gym Technogym to help you get warmed up at the wall and not get torn muscle fibers .
  • Lunch box of the Free Climber, with fresh and dried fruits, chocolate and isotonic drinks.
  • Map of the best cliffs
  • Indication of the local cliffs, which are not published in the guide (there are some of them, because when the cliffs are made public, the local climbers have already found new ones…)
  • A special convention with the guys from MOUNTIME, center of unquestionable professionalism and always been involved with adventures in the mountains, with Stefano Angelini, full-time Mountain guide, who coordinates Simone Banal , Matteo Faletti , Alessandro Beber, Jiri Leskovjan and Fabrizio Dellai. With our mountain guides, we organize special excursions directly with departure from the Hotel Ideal!
  • Free climbing courses of different levels.