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Hotel Ideal
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We of the Hotel Ideal have always thought that trekking in our Regione has a very special meaning, absolutely poetic, often illustrated by significant historical figures.

Scopri di più

Goethe wrote to his friends: « How muchI wished to have my friends fo a moment near me in order that they might rejoice over the view wh?ch lies before me. Tonight I might have been ?n Verona, but there was still a glorious work of nature at my side, a precious spectacle, the Lake of Garda Lake; I did not wish to miss it, and am gloriously rewarded for my détour. It was after five when I drove away from Rovereto, up a side valley wh?ch sends ?ts waters into the Etsch (Adige). When one reaches the top an enormous rock formation lies ?n front, over wh?ch ?t ?s necessary to go down to the lake. » Hans Lietzmann, well-known painter, even decided to move to Torbole (in the center there is the house where he lived for many years) to write and to illustrate a real trekking guide, in which he meticulously describes the suitable shoes depending on the selected way. This guide is used for various excursions in the area, for example, La Fonte Romana, Nago and the large Marocca, Nago and the ruins of Penede, Monte Brione, Monte Baldo, Monte Creino. Dosso Alto, Dos Casina, Dosso Remit, Malga Zures, il sentiero della Pace... these are routes which fascinate everybody. It satisfies us to see our guests who want to do a little trekking and come back after they have not only discovered the geographical territory, but also the historical value of what has happened with us. They are moved of our mountains in front of the intense blue of our lake. You cannot go home without having made the via ferrata of the Monte Colodri and the Cima Capi, from which you can see Venice on a clear day! You cannot miss a rise in the Dolomites and a secure descent with double knitting down 60 meters from the most beautiful rock outcroppings with views onto the Lake Garda in your program!