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Sailing is at home at Lake Garda, the events in every season are numerous, from world championships to Olympic competition.

Torbole is perfectly equipped for sailing, also thanks to the presence of the sailing club, which has always been one of the most active in Italy, surrounded by a heavenly garden of 9000mt and more than 300 parking lots.

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?In Torbole there is wind warranty and that makes everything easier and more funny: we are born here and we do not remember that once a regatta was canceled due to lack of wind, it happens in other places in the world where this sport is practiced!

The professional sailors have already noted the competitions that take place on our lake in the calendar: In any case, there are many suggestive points, often out of reach from the beach, which can be admired from the water, however, there are everywhere on the Garda Lake landings and anchorages. Even non-sailors should make once in their lives this experience on Lake Garda, the largest freshwater lake in Italy.

At Torbole we have already been made familiar with the sailing as children. While playing football in the city, here it is sailing, also thanks to the organized courses with reasonable prices for the new generation. Many young people from Torbole start sailing at the age of 5 years, and many of them take part in various competitions in the World Cup or the Olympic Games.

Our legendary regattas are the famous Cento Miglia, with the exciting last buoy in the wind in the middle of the Bay of Torbole, and Gorla, a spectacle which colors the lake with sails and adrenaline.